The Department of Chemical Engineering of Chung Yuan Christian University was established in 1955, one of the four founding departments. In 1974,the graduate program of Applied Chemistry was offered, which was later renamed to the Graduate Program of Chemical Engineering in 1980. The doctoral program was also established during the same year. In 2015, the university program was organized three courses, namely "Green-Energy Processing Division", "Biochemical Engineering Division" and "Material Engineering Division".

Through out the years, the department of Chemical Engineering has cultivated many distinguished alumni. Till the end of the academic year of 2017, total number of alumni obtaining a bachelor degree is 6900, 970 with a master degree and 55 with a PhD degree. According to the report of Higher Education Evaluation Accreditation Council of Taiwan, the ranking of our university in the quantity and quality of research publications in the field of Chemical Engineering is placed on top 7 for all universities in Taiwan. It is the best research performance compared to all private universities and better than most of the national universities in Taiwan.

The goals of Chemical Engineering are the utilization of the physical and chemical sciences in the economical design and operation of processing plants in industry. To meet these goals, the De­partment offers a wide variety of courses, includ­es fundamentals of chemical engineering, required courses, and elective courses, which cover the vari­ous area of the discipline.

We have strong and widely-recognized graduate programs in which both Master`s and Ph.D. degrees can be pursued. The Graduate School of the Department also of­fers a large ion of courses in various special­ized areas. The Chemical Engineering Department has 18 faculty members engaged in graduate teaching and research, moreover, the members received many prominent awards such as, National Chair Professorship, Academic Award of Ministry of Education, Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, Outstanding Research Award of National Science Council, and Distinguished Teaching Award of CYCU.

The faculty members in the department belong to R&D Center for Membrane Technology, R&D Center for Environment Science and 18 research laboratories in different research area of Chemical Engineering, Materials, Energy Technology and Biochemical Engineering. The equipment and facilities in theses research centers and laboratories are worth more than 6 million US dollars. Moreover, R&D center for membrane technology has not only become a key feature of our university, but also developed an international renowned R&D center.