Laboratory Advisor Room Extension
Thermo Research Lab MENG-HUI LI Eng. room503 4108
Solid & Liquid Separation Lab CHING-JUNG CHUANG Eng. room418 4132
Separation Technology Lab TSARI-WANG CHUNG Eng. room704 4128
Process Systems Engineering Lab JUNG-HUI CHEN Eng. room504 4118
Plasma Lab TA-CHIN WEI Eng. room719 4139
Biochemical Engineering Lab JUI-CHUANG WU Eng. room106 4143
Biomaterials and Biomolecular Engineering Lab YUNG CHANG Eng. room705B 4195
Membrane Research Lab KUEIR-RARN LEE Membrane Center 4190
High Gravity Technology Lab YU-SHAO CHEN Eng. room702 4134
Membrane Engineering Lab ANTOINE VENAULT Eng. room712 4194-4113
Functional Nano Material Lab YI-FENG LIN Eng. room721 4147
Energy & OptoElectro. Mat. Lab WEI-REN LIU Eng. room714 4144
Polymers and Composites Lab TA-I YANG Eng. room718a 4150
Chemical Biology Engineering Lab CHUNG-JUNG CHOU Eng. room718b 4151
Multiscale Modeling Lab TZU-JEN LIN Eng. room505 4154
Process Simulation and Analytics Lab LESTER LIK TECH, CHAN Eng. room716 4153
Bioresource & Biotechnology Lab YU-TZU, HUANG Eng. room112 4156
Nanomaterials and Devices Lab SHU-HAO CHANG Eng. room113 4157
Process Control Lab CHIU-PING CHANG Eng. room217 4130
Microbial Engineering Lab CHIU-MEI KUO Eng. room107 -