►Long history, and numerous alumni

  • The Department of Chemical Engineering of Chung Yuan Christian University was established in 1955, one of the four founding departments of the university. Throughout the years, our department has cultivated over 9,000 alumni.
  • Our alumni have achieved outstanding performance and are widely distributed in various related industries of chemical engineering, which has established a good reputation for our department in the industry.

►Outstanding academic research performance

  • The Chemical Engineering Department has 22 faculty members that receive many prominent awards such as, World’s Top 2% Scientists, Academic Award of Ministry of Education, Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, Outstanding Research Award of National Science Council, and Distinguished Teaching Award of CYCU.
  • According to the “US News and World Report – Best Global Universities” and “Shanghai Ranking’s Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)”, the ranking of our university in the field of Chemical Engineering is placed on top 2 for all universities in Taiwan.
  • The faculty members in the department belong to the R&D Center for Membrane Technology and the Research Center for Circular Economy, as well as various research laboratories in different fields. Their research focuses on areas such as chemical process engineering, biochemical technology, and material engineering. Furthermore, their work is strongly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.

►Abundant industry connections and employment opportunities

  • Chemical engineering offers diverse career options in a range of areas from traditional to high-tech industries, including petrochemical industry, food industry, biotechnology industry, green energy industry, semiconductor industry, optoelectronic industry and academic research.
  • The Chemical Engineering Department of CYCU offers a wide variety of courses, includes fundamentals of chemical engineering, required courses, and elective courses, which cover the various area of the discipline.
  • The department also provides programs in collaboration with companies such as Formosa Plastics Corporation, Everlight Chemical, and Taiwan Printed Circuit Association. The programs invite industry executives to give lectures and provides internship opportunities for students. In addition, we also have many other internship opportunities that can help students prepare for their future career.
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